Goldwing Owners Club of Great Britain

Welcome to Our Club

Hello to you all, especially to those of you who may be looking at the possibility of joining the huge family of Goldwing owners. My name is Chris Hinds and I am the Chairman of the Goldwing Owners Club of Great Britain. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you something about our club in the hope that, if you own, or are looking around for a Goldwing at the moment, you may be encouraged to join us and get involved in some of the activities that we have to offer.


A Short History of the Club

It was founded by Harry Ward back in 1980 and it was on his return from a Belgium Treffen he decided to hold the first meeting. This was held in the region of Thames Valley. From this small start we now have 32 active regions that hold monthly meetings, organise ride outs and other social events.


Wing Dings

In the main season the Regions hold Wing Dings that are normally camping events held over a weekend. Motor homes and caravans are welcome by prior arrangement and local B&B accommodation can usually be found.



The International Treffen’s are also held over the weekends but these are all over Europe. Treffen’s organised by the European clubs who make up the Goldwing European Federation, (GWEF). As we are part of GWEF we hold our Treffen in August. The GWEF season starts in Belgium at Easter and then, if you have the time, you can end up touring all over Europe. Membership to GWOCGB entitles you to the discounted GWEF member rates if you wish to travel to European Treffen’s.


Owning a Goldwing

You do not need to have the all singing and dancing GL1800 to become a member – the only thing you need is a Gold Wing and you would be surprised at how cheap you can pick up one for – a GL1000 can be bought for around £500.00. Then there is the GL1100, GL1200 and GL1500. You can find a good example of a GL1500 from around £2,500.00, obviously you can pay a lot more but that’s what is so great, it is your choice. The older models are also much cheaper to insure, so you too could be the proud owners of the world’s best touring bike.


Classic Goldwings

Our Classic Section, run by 25 year plus committee member from Yorkshire, Pete Fisher. Pete could talk all day about the spridgets and wodgets of GL1000s and could rebuild one with his eyes closed. Pete has a passion for classic wings, so if a member has a problem then he would be only too willing to help.

One advantage of these models is, of course, that they are cheap to buy, many having been purchased for as little as £300 and in working order. They also have cheap insurance and tax. It is possible to be on one of the world’s best touring bikes for less than £500! Would you have believed it!